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Italia Caminiti


Born in Taranto on 23 May 1977, Italia Caminiti graduated from the University of Perugia.

She joined Studio Isolabella in 2004 and has been able to accrue her professional experience through her involvement in bankruptcy trials, cases connected with Law (D.Lgs.) 231/2001, and tax crimes. She has also handled trials connected with defrauding the State, the protection of artistic heritage, and Banking Code crimes. She has assisted a trust in a case of voluntary disclosure; the representatives of several financial, industrial and commercial companies in cases of offshoring, stable organisation, tax fraud and untruthful statements; as well as a naval chartering company under several charges of failed payment of duties on fuel. She has also assisted a device manufacturer and several doctors in malpractice cases. She drafts Organisational Models pursuant to Law (D.Lgs.) 231 and offers support to external members of the Supervisory Body.

Thanks to her experience in these various fields, she currently handles mainly tax crimes, liability pursuant to Law (D.Lgs.) 231/2001, bank and financial abuse, and negligent crimes (medical malpractice and accidents at work). She also assists an Insurer and a Multinational Logistics Operator in terms of daily issues with potential criminal incidence. She is a member of faculty at the Il Sole 24 Ore Business School and at Bocconi University on subjects connected with corporate and tax crimes, administrative liability of legal entities, and crimes against the Public Administration. She has authored several articles and publications.